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Let Them Out To Wonder Around

Posted by Brian on January 10, 2011 at 1:49 PM

As you know, my wife and I have five Bearded Dragons.

We keep four out of the five in a converted trophy case in our living room.

(Puff Puff has his own tank on the other side of our living room.)

I like to rotate the dragons with "time out" of their enclosure.

Valerie Rose was next to have a few hours out to roam the house.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not a complete idiot. I am right here in the living room to supervise Val. We have had our dragons for almost three years now. I have made it "routine" to allow them "out" time.

My wife didn't feel well, so she was in bed when I let Valerie out.

I was on my laptop finishing up an article, and my wife got up.

I heard my wife in the kitchen, and I continued typing on my laptop.

The next thing you know, I hear OH MY GOD!! Valerie!! Oh NO!!

I leaped out of my chair and my wife brought me Valerie's limp body.

I had forgotten to tell my wife Val was out roaming.

My wife had STEPPED on her.

When I looked at Val, she was alive, her beard was gray,

and her anus was popped out of her body.

I had NO CLUE what to do.

I prayed to my God. I stood in the living room holding Val, and looking to Heaven.

"Jesus please tell me what to do, I don't know what to do, PLEASE Father help me".

I asked my wife to bring me a tray table, a towel, a spray bottle filled with water, Q-Tips, and rubber gloves.

I put the towel on the table tray, I put Valerie on the table, and I spoke to her in a soft voice. I said, "Your gonna be  okay baby girl, please bare with me, we will do this together".

I lifted Val's tail slowly, and saw the large red bubble with fecal matter on it. I gently sprayed  the bubble with water to clean it off and keep it moist. After that, I looked up to Heaven to ask WHAT DO I DO NEXT??

Before I could think on my own. I put on my rubber gloves, and with my middle finger, (my "middle" finger is wider and I needed the "width" to cover the whole side of the bubble.)

I SLOWLY, and GENTLY (but firmly) guided the bubble back into Valerie's anus.

Val's beard was a darker shade of gray by now, and her tail even turned a gray/black.

I wrapped her in her small blanket, and held her for a few hours.

This was a Saturday night. Our Vet wasn't going to be open until Monday morning.

I did not trust the emergency vet. I have had BAD experiences here, and I knew in my heart I could care for Val better myself. I loved her. I trusted my God, and my Gut.

As I held Val in her blanket, I went online to www.justreptile.com and told the story of what just happen to "Joan" a vet tech. Joan was AWESOME!  According to Joan I did the right thing in those circumstances (if the vet was open, I WOULD HAVE taken Valerie there immediately, and YOU SHOULD TOO if you can.) I told Joan that my wife and I were going to take Val to our vet first thing Monday morning.

On Monday morning we took Valerie to our vet. I told the Doc everything.

X-rays were done on Val to make sure her insides were in order, and that no bones were broken. We were all SHOCKED to see that everything was FINE. I worried that when I  put her "insides" back , I could have damaged another organ, or pushed something out of place....but ALL was fine.

Soon Val would start eating again, and she did her first poop! 

Today Valerie is just GREAT!

 Here is a Video of Valerie's FIRST time eating AFTER her injury.

(**Dated: Nov. 18, 2009.)

***LESSON: If you wish to let your reptile "out":

ALWAYS KEEP YOUR EYE ON YOUR PET WHEN THEY ARE OUT OF THEIR ENCLOSURE. Always TELL everyone in the household when the pet is out.

Perhaps purchasing a playpen or play tunnel that is self contained would be better.

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