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Val May Be Pregnant? Uh Oh...

Posted by Brian on April 20, 2011 at 12:02 AM

 My wife and I had to take Valerie Rose to the vet a few weeks back. In November of 2010 Valerie had that hanging incidient....Well, as time passed, her gullet (throat/beard area) started slowly growing larger.

Dr. L. took out 20 cc's of a green/black fluid. The fluid was tested for EVERYTHING. The results came back clean. Nothing wrong, no infection, no cancers, no bad "juju" at all.

Well....with 20 cc's of fluid out of her gullet, Valerie was feeling her oats!

I had to leave the day after Val's vet visit. I got a phone call from my wife..."Honey I am glad I was home, because we could have lost Valerie"....In all honesty. This line has been said so much, that I knew Valerie would be okay.

The saying in our home is...."If anything is going to happen, you can bet it's going to happen to Val!"

Turns out Valerie decided to shimmy and twist her way DOWN TO HER BROTHER Angel Lynn on the level below her. (a problem I "fixed" or so I thought.) When my wife noticed this, Angel Lynn was on top of Valerie whispering "sweet nothings" in her ear!

Since my wife grabbed Angel off of Val.....both dragons have been HIGHLY liquered up & pissed off! (I can't blame them!) I have been home from North Carolina for a week and Angel Lynn is STILL p.o'd!

Now, Valerie Rose may be pregnant. I have NEVER bred my dragons. I don't have a desire to. I am NOT and NEVER will be a breeder.

Because Valerie may be pregnant with Angel Lynn's babies, I was actually thinking of saving the eggs and incubating them. I HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO DO THIS.

"IF" Valerie is going to lay the eggs anyway......I WILL save them.

We had to take Valerie back to the vet a few days ago. The fluid in her gullet came back. The Doc. aspirated ANOTHER 20 cc's! I asked the Doctor then, if there was a way to surgically make Valerie "stop" laying eggs. Basically, the surgery is to risky, and I just won't do it.

So.........on that note. God only knows if Valerie and Angel are going to be parents. If they are, I truly need any advise anyone can give me on incubating and hatching these precious creatures.

Thanks for reading,


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