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Valerie's Suicide Attempt....

Posted by Brian on November 19, 2010 at 5:59 PM

Yesterday was another tough day for me. Since I have been on my new medication this past week, my body just isn't right. I was energetic the first three days, and then I went downhill to tired all the time.

The day started out slow. I could barely keep my eyelids open when my wife tried to wake me. I was supposed to take her to the Doctor, but I just couldn't get out of bed.

After some time had passed I finally got myself out of bed. I woke to an empty house. My wife had gone to the Doctor, the dragon lights were all on, and the dogs were in the hallway to greet me.

I went to the kitchen and got a cup of coffee. I put the coffee cup down at my laptop computer desk, and turned to say good morning to my dragons.

I was horrified to find my youngest female "Valerie Rose" HANGING by her neck. Val's beard was fat and light grey/black and her eyes were closed. My oldest male "Angel Lynn" is beneath her in the enclosure, and he was bumping her body "up". I opened the sliding glass door slowly to where Valerie was wedged.

I grabbed her gently, and put her to my chest as a tear rolled down my cheek. I looked up to Heaven and said "God Please??" I then placed her in front of me to see if I saw any "breathing".

Not only did I see breathing, but she opened her eyes, and tilted her head as if to say "is there a problem Daddy?"

I sat with Valerie in her "blankie" for hours. I was afraid to let her go. All of the dragons were calm. No black beards. No "glass dancing". Just calm.

I fixed the small "gap" that Val had got herself caught in between. I also inspected the enclosure carefully. Any potential problems have been eliminated. 

The photo below was taken today. Valerie is STILL trying to find a way to get to her brother "Angel Lynn"!! Sorry Val.....PROBLEM FIXED!!

**** PLEASE REMEMBER that no matter the "size" of the dragon, they have a tendency to "wiggle" or instinctively "dig". Some dragons are not as determined as Valerie was, but please NEVER take the chance. Make sure your enclosure is sturdy and has NO GIVE. Trust me if it has the slightest "give" your dragon(s) WILL FIND IT. - Brian.

AFTER her Suicide Attempt, SHE'S AT IT AGAIN!

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NO VALERIE! You cannot wiggle between the glass and your shelf anymore! Daddy fixed the problem! (she is as thick as a brick! I think she's Italian!)

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